Eagle Pass, TX

Eagle Pass, TX has become a flash point for political discourse around immigration and
the US’s southern border. Shelby Park, a large park in Eagle Pass which sits along the Rio Grande River,
has been occupied and fortified by out-of-state troopers, the national guard, and other law enforcement agencies,
in an effort to stop migrants who illegaly cross into the country from the bordertown of Piedras Negras, Mexico.
One controversial strategy employed, the use of razor wire walls in and along the water,
has resulted in multiple deaths.

On the first weekend of February 2024, the area saw hundreds of Trump supporters
and individuals with ties to neo-nazi and fascist groups rallying in support of Greg Abbott’s
defiance of Biden and the federal government. What was originally organized to be a direct response
in support of the razor wire barricades along the Rio Grande evolved into a large Christian Nationalist rally
on a nearby ranch. A migrant facility was forced to evacuate due to threats from participants
of the convoy, locals were threatened, and at least one individual arrested before attending,
having had explosives and firearms along with a plan to stoke an increasing willingness for violence.

The situation in Eagle Pass has ignited widespread calls that echo 1860’s America.
Calls for state succesion, sovereignty, and a growing desire to facilitate a civil war.
Where will Eagle Pass ultimatley sit in the books of American history?